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  • Maternity pillow is a kind of pillow specially designed for pregnant women. Many people now want to be more comfortable during pregnancy. In order to have a good sleeping position, a pregnant woman pillow is used to help improve the sleeping position. Maternity pillow is a good pillow for pregnant women to sleep more comfortably. So how to use the pregnant pillow properly?

  • What kind of mattress topper is best, it should start from the function of the mattress topper. The function of the mattress topper is to guarantee consumers a healthy and comfortable sleep.

  • 2512-2019

    Merry Christmas

    All of Rongcheng Company wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

  • 1.Absorb the impact, memory foam pillow to the impact of the super absorption, is your skin without any pressure, as if sleeping in the water.

  • Happy THANKSGIVING Day, Thank You For Your Company. 5% OFF

  • 1811-2019

    About sleep

    1.Good memory foam temperature characteristics. 2.Elastic characteristics.

  • After new home outfit is repaired, necessary furniture in a few homes is indispensable, so the furniture that basically is a sitting room was designed, after all, it is the door "the first face" ~~

  • 3110-2019

    Happy Halloween

    Trick or Treat

  • Memory foam pillow cover is detachable and easy to clean, can be washed by hand or washed by machine,but its inner core does not need to be cleaned, do not put in the washing machine to stir, memory foam pillow can not be exposed to the sun, must be far away from high temperature and fire source, sun or water washing will destroy the natural latex pillow, memory foam structure, change direction greatly changed. Exposure to the sun increases the material of memory foam and yellows, washing the memory foam to absorb water becomes very heavy, the water in the pillow core can not leak dry. Keep the product dry at all times, ventilate and dry regularly, clean the pillow core with a vacuum cleaner or gently slap the pillow core with your hands every month or so. If you accidentally wet it, please dry the water with a towel immediately and put it in the ventilation place to dry.

  • Sponges are familiar to us all. It has good elasticity and can be used for pillows, mattresses and other products. Memory foam is unfamiliar to many people. What is the difference between them?

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