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1.Good memory foam temperature characteristics:

       Refers to the induction of human body temperature, gradually become soft, while absorbing the human body pressure will be adjusted to the most comfortable posture. For the part below that has not touched the human temperature, it still maintains sufficient support force;

       Special tip: good memory foam temperature sensing effect refers to the body temperature of the body to feel at the right time become soft moderate, low temperature in winter cotton body will not feel too hard, high temperature in summer will not be too soft. Even if you put the product in the refrigerator, take it out after a few minutes, the soft and hard only a little change, do not feel very hard! A lot of inferior memory foam products on the market become hard in the winter, if put into the refrigerator after taking out will become very hard, simply can't press down, this is inferior product, when consumer buys, want to pay attention to identify!

memory foam pillow

2. Elastic characteristics:

       A product that depresses under pressure but does not exhibit a strong rebound (e.g. clay depresses under pressure). When the pressure is removed, the product will gradually return to its original shape (such as spring recovery).

       The industry also refers to "slow rebound" as "zero-pressure sponge", which means that when lying on it, the skin feels as if it is floating in the water/cloud, and there is no pressure on the skin. In fact, the slow rebound material can adjust the pressure of irregular shape to the most balanced state, which can adapt to the pressure object slowly and provide the most uniform support force. The blood circulation pressure of human skin is 36mmHg, high-grade memory foam material (to reach 10-15 seconds of slow rebound time) will be evenly distributed pressure at each point, the pressure can be generally reduced to 36mmHg below, let a person feel blood unobssive, as if there is no place to compress, it does not mean that there is no pressure on the memory foam.

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