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Memory Foam Pillow Features


Memory Foam Pillow Features:

1.Absorb the impact, memory foam pillow to the impact of the super absorption, is your skin without any pressure, as if sleeping in the water.

2. Anti-bacteria and anti-mite.The use of slow rebound foam material can inhibit the growth of mold, and remove the stimulating odor generated by mold reproduction and growth. When there are sweat stains and saliva, it is more prominent.

3. Good breathable and hygroscopicity. Each cell unit is interconnected, and the hygroscopicity and hygroscopicity are excellent.

4. Ability to shape automatically.According to the ergonomic design, the memory foam pillow is capable of memory deformation and automatic shaping, which can fix the head and fill the shoulder gap, reduce the possibility of a stiff pillow, avoid air leakage in the quilt covering of the shoulder, and prevent the occurrence of cervical vertebra problems.

Memory Foam PillowMemory Foam Pillow

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