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neck pillow for travel

  • U Shaped Memory Foam Neck Pillow for Travel

    U Shaped Memory Foam Neck Pillow for Travel

    1. Our memory foam is 100% pure with no additives and is made of the exact same material as the world's leading memory foam manufacturers. 2. Protect the cervical spine, support enough to protect enough. 3. Breathable jacket & inner cover, fresh breathable. 4. Left to sleep, right to sleep, how comfortable how to sleep. 5.U-shaped Neck Care: Fit the cervical spine, enhance the supporting effect, Relieve the shoulder and neck fatigue. Comes with eye masks and earplugs for a more comfortable sleep. 6.Ergonomic Design: Multi-angle protection of the cervical spine - the rear hump shape fixed cervical spine, to prevent the head side slip; both sides of the groove, natural fit, to reduce the amount of bone pressure; front plus high, to prevent excessive head down Tilt, conducive to cervical line health protection.

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