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baby pillow flat head

  • Flat Head Baby Cushion Sleep Pillow

    Flat Head Baby Cushion Sleep Pillow

    Our baby pillow is designed to keep your newborn’s head in alignment with their spine. This, along with the structure of our pillow creates perfect positioning for your little one. Prevent your baby’s head from being misshaped by using our pillow. PREVENT FLAT HEAD SYNDROM -- With consent and advice from your pediatrician, using this baby pillow can help prevent flat head syndrome for babies aged 0-6 months.Evenly disperses the pressure on the baby's head, protects the baby's neck, and creates a perfect head shape. Because the child has many prone positions, it is not easy to self-adjust. Too soft pillows have safety issues. The memory foam pad is light, soft and comfortable。Pillowcases have antibacterial, skin rejuvenation, breathable, hygroscopic,anti-mite and other effects, care for baby's delicate skin.The shape of the pillow also creates the perfect head shape for the newborn baby, allowing the baby to reject the flat head.

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